Monster House

by Bitter Kids

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Naoki Ueki
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Naoki Ueki This band reminds me of good old day when post hardcore / screamo was not influenced by metalcore.

Emotional scream and clear voice touch my heart.

For fans of Saosin, Days In December Favorite track: Monster House.
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released February 16, 2014

All songs written by Bitter Kids
All songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Newcomb at Newcomb Studios



all rights reserved


Bitter Kids Ontario

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Track Name: Voices
I can't compete anymore
I've been building all these walls to keep you out
but every time I'm almost there
you start tearing up the first layer of

Bricks and stones may break my bones
but all your words ignite me
I'll take this fire that you lit
and watch my doubts burn within it

You made a bed where you can't stand to lay
If I follow in your footsteps I'll end up the same

How could you just let me believe?
"Run along and follow your dreams"
I've been thinking about all the voices screaming within me
There's nothing you can say to reach me I've been lied to by the hand that feeds me

But it's getting hard to breathe
coexisting with those who don't believe
they're telling me
to throw away my broken dreams but no

I won't be mean
I'll just fill your screen with indirect tweets so
favourite them and think about it
you got it all wrong

Tell me it's not me
Tell me I'm not the one I'll never be
Tell me it's been nice
But you got "better ways to spend your time"

It turns out all the stories were true
this whole time the monster in my closet was you
Track Name: The Latest Scene
So you think that you can waltz right in
Your form is the furthest thing from perfect
Stepping on toes letting it be known
That you hate dancing alone

And now your true colours are showing
Yeah you're nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing
You're waiting for a shot to take me down
Well this is your chance so take it now

Lions never lose sleep, over the opinion of sheep

Talk is cheap haven't you heard?
You're just a boy lost in words
Even you know that you're faking
But you keep on playing
Cameos in and I'm out
Where have you been? i've been down
Building the dream you claim you need
You're just the latest scene

So how does 9-5 taste?
With a side of cigarettes and coffee
Everyone knows you already sold your soul
To the thought of rock and roll
With the band try and stand out as planned
This is it you never had a chance

Lions never lose sleep
Over the opinion of sheep
Set your priorities straight
Cause you've been wasting our time with your insights
Now everybody knows you're fake
Track Name: All Of This
Speak for yourself
Cause my mind's open
How does it feel being shut out?
You're deceptive and the reason my mind's a mess.
Why can't you see that?

I could let, this ruin us but
I know that you can't handle that
I'm all grown up you can relax
(Just relax) Just relax

So tell me
How I should be
Cause I'm feeling lost

There must be something wrong
I can't keep holding on, to all this
Will you walk with me through all these
Hills and valleys, will you stay with me and figure out
All this, will you stay with me through all this

I'm surrounded by the thought,
That turns my stomach in to knots
Go ahead and draw me a map
If you think that I'm so lost

So what do you expect from me
Another boy just stuck in routine
It's not hard to admit
That I am sick of all of this

And what do you want from me?
I've given you all the blood I can bleed
It's not hard to say that it's not my day
Track Name: The Next Life
I bet you're feeling it now
And it creeps up on you night after night yeah
It encases all your bones and takes over your role
You take some time to yourself as it takes control

You've got your look, but baby I'm blind
I've got my touch and this doesn't feel right
I can't believe after all this time you run. You run.

if you're who you say you are
This would have never happened
Liar from the start, another thief in the night
Playing along just to be polite
I tried, so maybe in the next life

So what will it take for you to feel the same?
From time to time I can't get this weight of my mind
Night after night I build the nerve

To formulate a plan and escape the tower you left me in
With all these ghosts who can't help but notice your flaws
They tell me that I'm just another notch.

This unknowing is now my surrounding
I've been here before and that's comforting
Struggling, trying to find what I've been waiting for
And I've been waiting for you
You lifted a hand, and with one touch turned me to stone
A feeling similar to feeling alone
I can make it through
And I will make it through
But not for you

Tonight these feelings die, to grow
In to a lesson that'll I'll learn on my own
Until I get this inside and out
I know I'll make it through
But not for you
Track Name: Monster House
Worn-down and cold.
The ceilings weak, the floors creak but it's home.
The scent of loneliness stings.
We share closets with skeletons, we're empty, cleared just like the cabinets.
We've got no where to go, because we all, we all know.

Our fangs and claws, aren't who really are.
This cellar's uninspiring, so quick to judge, you're too afraid to sleep.
Under shingled skin, the windows and doors are always open
Yet nothing comes out, and nothing goes in.

Maybe I'm not built to last in a scary place like this.
The walls are thin, the oxygen is thick with fear from the furnace
Paint the halls with secrets, for all we know they're listening
So they can hide like us inside until this house starts to cave in

I'm done with emotion. It's been dragging me down.
I've lost my sense of trust playing with murders and clowns.
If they could see me now, I'd show them all the
Knives and tricks that they show'd me
To re-think the things that make them happy

The clocks are whispering
As the walls gently lean in
The fire bids farewell to the ember with the willing help from the wind.
They carry past the sill, and illuminate once more.
A sense of warmth I'll never know until I open this door